Monday, 13 August 2007

my first blog

hi. kind of a newbee here.. anyways, just write whatever it is, right?

well, got a bad, i mean very bad flu since last week. its worst, though i asked for it, since i havent been in the hospital for more than three years already, so a flu will be a very welcome change, but its worst. more than i expected.

i got cough, fever, muscle pains and all the flu accessories, just name it.... not to mentioned that the flu came on the eve of my iso final audit... but thanks God, surviving still, and we passed the iso certification.

well, in fairness for the flu, the good thing it gave to me, was that it helps me loosed 11 pounds... ha! which makes me under weight... hu hu hu...

so far, thats it for my blog today. tomorrow or later then... oki?

God bless!!!

ingats palagi....