Tuesday, 10 June 2008

3G iPhone Officially Lunched

Yesterday, as I've mentioned on my post, Steve Jobs of Apple will officially lunch the new 3G iPhone - and as expected and anticipated, Apples’ 3G iPhone has been officially lunched and will be out in the market on 11th of July 2008, that’s Friday. But before marking your calendar consider the following early reviews of some pros and my not-so-pro comments (duwanna put it review) on this new Apple stuff.

Out of excitement, early this morning instead of just play music for my regular coffee-morning start-up ritual, I had to switch my TV on for some morning show (though the Belo show is on TFC and is tempting I had to switch channel), and it seems that I had my luck today, on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson, on headline, “The Released of Apple’s 3G iPhone”.

So wait, wait, wait….well maybe because I didn’t got my usual dose of coffee in the morning, I fell asleep and when I woke-up The World News is over, and the Insider is now on.

Anyways, this morning on Apple’s official URL, on the main page, the tempting and delicious – 3G iPod.

Though it was labeled 3G, it looks the same.

So, read, read, read, and another read…


1.       Looks good as always, very sophisticated. (mukhang mamahalin talaga, at hindi lugi ang snatcher sa effort)

2.       The Multi-touch screen is there (though hindi na bago ‘to)

3.       Now it has 3G (dapat lang)

4.       It’s half the price of its predecessor (eto ang bago at magandang balita)

5.       A GPS system (hhhmm, tingnan natin)


  1. Maybe I’m wrong with my assumption that when you say “3G” the capability of having a video call will be available. Well on iPhone’s case, it’s 3G but no video call. The 3G used here is for the high speed connection (HSDPA – High Speed Data Packet Access), which I guess is already an ancient thing if you own a UIQ or an S60 phones.
  1. As I learned on PC World review, a plastic back??? C’mon Apple!!! Yes you got it right, this new 3G iPhone, as Steve Jobs ticked on the WWDC keynote as “design achievement”, has a full plastic back. Why plastic back? As PC World writes, “this change may indeed be a virtue – the shiny metallic back …. are maddeningly effective magnets for scratches, fingerprints, and grime.” But, still plastic???? If you’re on this “Go-Green” thing, well surely this is not your cup. 
  1. iPhone as a modem. Still I think it’s a big no-no. Though Apple claimed iPhone is a big move for the future of smartphone, well that’s one thing that Jobs I guess missed. UIQs and S60s has it for ages. 
  1. There is no improvement on the camera, it still has the 2 MP. Though higher MP on camera is not a must for a good shot, but for non-pro-clickers I must say that it’ll help. 

Disclaimer: The above pros and cons are from mangyan's review, Click here for a more professional review. With that, mangyan is giving this new 3G iPhone:

8 bahag points for design

7 bahag points for performance

7 bahag points for the price

8 bahag points overall

Pahabol: And the recently concluded WWDC (World-Wide Developers Conference), gives iPod Touch users some good news and bad news.

The good news is that iPod Touch user can now enjoy the App Store, but the user must update the iPod Touch (currently having a Software version 1.1.4) to iPhone 2.0 Software.

And that gives us the bad news, its not free, you have to buy it. 

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