Monday, 9 June 2008

3G iPhone on WWDC

For those iPhone fanatics, well this is your day! Today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and other software developers will convene for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

When iPhone was lunched, though quite expensive, it was sold in the market like hotcake. Nowadays, where 3G capability on smart phones is a must (esp. outside the US market, EU, Japan, Asia), despite iPhones’ sleek design and sophisticated multi-touch screen, 3G capability is the one thing that missing.

But that’s before today. Because today, on the Worldwide Developers Conference, aside for the official announcement of iPhone’s new software platform, aficionados all over the world (kasama na ako dito), is on fever pitch anticipation for the release of Apple’s new 3G iPhone. Yeah, you read it right, a 3G iPhone.

As PC World writes, the new iPhone features a GPS (Global Positioning System) service. And if it seems that it’s quite too big for your pocket (specs here), then this is good news, the new iPhone now comes with a thinner casing, not to mention the “improved virtual keyboards with heptics”, like multitouch technology as Shaw Wu wrote. (excited na tuloy akong makita ‘to)

Another good news, the pricing for the 3G iPhone may be US$50 to US$100 cheaper than the old iPhone. (mas mura).

Further, with iPhone 2.0 software, this 3G iPhone provides enterprise applications, including push e-mail support through the Microsoft Exchange Mail Server. It also includes an SDK (software development kit) for developers to write iPhone applications.

The good news is not only for iPhone users, but with this SDK, by the end of the year a lot of third party applications can also be used for your iPod Touch. 

So this 3G iPhone includes a video call now? or atleast 3.5 MP camera? Mmmm…can’t answer that today, lets just wait for its release maybe later today...


Lyzius said...

putah kamay mo yan iPhone na ang mangyan!

the donG said...

wow! hanep ito. kahit yung gps lang ayos na sa akin.

Dakilang Islander said...

bro mukhang nakapila ka na sa phone na yan ah...antayin ko makabili ka at i-blog mo review mo sa phone na 'to tingnan ko muna kung ayos ba

Rio said...

may iphone ka na din?? waahhh!! kakainngit ka na tlga! ..
my havainas ka na nga, may i phone k pa!!..ano pa ba????
akin nlang yung old phone mo..hehehe

me said...

lyzius, ganun kamay ko palang wala na akong ligtas sa'yo?? he he he... uu kamay ko 'yan, pero di naman iPhone 'yan, ginupit lang na cardboard yah.. nyeeehheehhe..

dong, uu ok lang 'yong GPS, dyan ba sa'tin 'yong detailed na rin ba 'yong name of streets, mga kanto-kanto on GPS?

d. islander, nung unang labas uu nakapila ako para bumili, pero nung nakita ko na and upon review mukhang di kagandahan... given na lagi kang may wi-fi connection sa paligid mo, ok.. pero kung sa edge connection lang... parang ganito kamahal to tas ganoon lang...

officially lunched na nga 'yon 3G iPhone on, and as per specs mukhang prefix lang 'yong 3G kasi halos alang pinagbago...2 mp pa rin camera and i doubt na video call enable na 'to... medyo prefer ko pa rin, so far, UIQ.

doc, wala pa ako nun, tamang havainas na lang muna ako... he he he..