Monday, 11 August 2008

Si Kabayan, Pasaway

Lagi na nating ipinagmamalaki ang likas na talino nating mga Pilipino – taas ang kamay ko dyan. Kilala tayo sa kalidad ng ating trabaho. Kung magtrabaho ang Pinoy eh hindi lang basta trabaho, talaga namang polido, kumbaga eh talaga namang kapuri-puri.

Enhenyero, doktor, nars, dentista, hardenero, kasam-bahay, arketekto, care giver, karpetero, taga-halo ng simento, kusinero, barbero, kahit ano pang trabaho, yakang-yaka nating mga Pinoy yan. Yamang-Tao nga siguro ang pinaka-malaking kontribusyon ng Pilipinas sa mundong ito.Sabi nga eh, kahit saang lupalop ka man magpunta eh siguradong merong Pilipino.

Di ko alam kong paano ko ‘to isasalin sa wikang Tagalog to convey these thoughts, kaya manghihiram muna ako ng wika.

As far as my experience working abroad is concerned, I guess we Filipinos are equipped with a high tolerance on the environment we’re into. We can easily adapt to the culture of our host country, the way of living, the way of life, the languages – even the way the nationals talks. Not to mention, that Pinoys are more of a law abider people when on other country than in the Philippines. And with the charisma we have (i don’t know if this is innate), the hardworking and talents we can easily get the trust of our employers.

That’s the brighter side and what about the other side? Above are just the few adjectives on how we Global-Pinoys has been known abroad. The good adjectives (I hope) will over-shadow the bad ones. Though we try to be good, but still there are some that are “pasaway”. Those ones that take the stinking bacon wrapped on the Philippine flag. How I wish that they are not Filipinos. I hate them, because every time they do their “not-so-good-stuff” they’re carrying the name of all the Filipinos – and it’s really sad that their fetid ways outshines the good ones.

Why am I having this? Because in the past few weeks there’s always Filipinos on the broadsheet, and not for good stuff…

On Arabian Business

55 arrests after suspected 'gay party'
Amy Glass on Thursday, 31 July 2008

PARTY BUSTED: At least 55 people have been arrested following a bust at an alleged homosexual party in Saudi Arabia.

At least 55 people have been arrested following a police bust at an alleged homosexual party in eastern Saudi Arabia.

According to police, drugs and alcohol were found at the farm near Qatif, while two young men were allegedly found wearing women’s makeup and dancing on stage.Many of those arrested were Filipinos and Pakistanis, Saudi daily Arab News reported on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the Philippine Embassy’s labor attaché told the newspaper that some Filipinos have been arrested in that area and "we are trying to help them".Waqar Ahmed, community welfare attaché at the Pakistan Embassy, told Arab News he had no knowledge about any arrests so far. "Our workers are normally not involved in such kinds of activities. There is a possibility that some Pakistanis may be working or serving food in the party and then got arrested."

And that was last week, this morning on Arabnews.

15 held on bootlegging, gay prostitution charges
M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan I Arab News

RIYADH: Two Filipino workers were arrested on suspicion of engaging in homosexual prostitution and 13 other Filipinos were detained on charges of liquor trading and consumption in two separate raids here on Saturday.

Roussel R. Reyes, vice consul and third secretary who heads the Assistance to Nationals’ Section at the local Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, confirmed the report of the arrests on the alcohol charge, but not the charges involving homosexuality.

A consular team of the Philippine Embassy will proceed on an assistance mission and visit the local prisons on Aug. 12 to find out the conditions of our workers, and probably we will know about the accusation of sodomy by that time.

The two men suspected of homosexual acts were in the Kingdom illegally and were making a living selling alcohol and engaging in gay prostitution, police said. Members of the Kingdom’s religious police are investigating contacts found on the men’s mobile phones.

Gay rights are not recognized in the Middle East countries and the publication of any material promoting them is banned. Last month, 55 people were arrested at an alleged “gay party” in the Eastern Province city of Qatif. News reports said drugs and alcohol were found at the gathering, and two men were dressed as women.

— With input by Rudy Estimo Jr.

‘Yon lang.. ala na ako masabi….Kabayan naman eh, sabi na kasi ANG BAWAL, BAWAL.


PoPoY said...

yun lang ang isa sa pangit na ugali ng mga Pinoy, PASAWAY!!! hindi na iniwan dito sa Pinas ang sakit na yan.

Patok cguro ang kalakaran na yan dyan kasi diba maraming arabo ang nangrarape ng mga kapwa lalakinila lalo na kapag ndi ka balbon at mukhang babae? naku nakakatakot talaga yan.

Rio said...

tsk tsk tsk.... bakit kaya hindi sila natatakot gumawa ng mga ganyang bagay??

Lyzius said...

isipin na lang natin na, lahat ng lahi me pasaway...ahahaha...para mas masarap sa pakiramdam...

the donG said...

hehehe... pasaway nga. isa na si mangyan.

me said...

poy, uu nga eh sana di na nagkakalat, lalo na dala nila 'yong tag na "Filipini" (arabic term for Pilipino)...apektado pati 'yong ibang nagpapakabait..

'yong mga rape case sa lalake, though di gasinong nababalita, pero totoo 'yon. kaya doble ingat nlang.

rio, alam mo naman doc si juan dela cruz "ASTIG", he he he

lyzius, sabagay, ala naman perpekto...pampalubag loob na rin 'yong di lang naman sa lahi namin 'to eh... lolz...pero naman-naman... mag-iingat sana..

dong, medyo pasaway lang, mabait naman talaga ako eh.. he he he

raymer said...

ano bang masasabi ko jan? ganito raw kasi yan..di makikita yung magandang katangian kung alang mga kababayan naman natin na di talaga mapigilan at kailangang mag-execute ng kanilang karapatan e magdalawang isip..kung baga, ihanda rin nila ang kanilang mga sarili sa kung ano man ang kalalabasan ng kanilang sinuungang saka laging isipin na wala sila sa pilipinas para gawin ng malaya ang kanilang nakaugalian doon.

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