Saturday, 23 August 2008

Unwritten Laws of Public / Common Restroom

Like it or not, we live in a place always governed by laws. A rule of conduct or procedure recognized by a community we lived in as binding or enforceable by the authority, who is another like it or not, most of the time are really “the enforcers type”; ‘yon bang nakakatakot as if you if you don’t follow the law they’ll eat you – alive. Hhmm.. siguro that’s the trick, if you fear them, you’ll obey.

As old as the creation of mankind is, law already exist. The first law given to a man can be found on Genesis, where the Creator “commanded” His creations, “…but you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…” (Gen. 2:17).

O Adam dwell with your wife in the Garden and enjoy as you wish but approach not this tree…” (Qur’an’s Al Araf [The Heights] 7:19).

And we know the rest of the story.

It is also understood that if there is a governing law, there’s always a penalty waiting for anyone breaking it. And on the case of the first man, “…for when you eat of it you will surely die.” (Gen. 2:17); “…or you run into harm and transgression.” (Qur’an’s Al Araf [The Heights] 7:19).

May warning na ‘yan ha, and yet sabi nga “tao lang eh”… they fell in to Satan’s trap…tsk, tsk, tsk, medyo may kakulitan rin ang tao ‘no. Ang kulit-kulit.

On the Bible, it was clearly written that Eve was the first one to fall on Satan’s deception, and because of Eve’s charm, Adam too took a bite. “…she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it.” (Gen. 3:6) (Sexism aside, girls talaga oh, tukso kayo!), in Qur’an in the other hand it is not clearly stated who fell first, “…so by deceit, he (Satan) brought them to their fall: when they tasted the tree their shame became manifest to them…” (Qur’an Al Araf [The Heights] 7:22).

As they said and taught us, laws are there to have balance and harmony among all the creations, living and non-living things. To have peace and discourage conflicts, but that’s on the perfect world, ‘cause as you can observed on the planet we’re living now, there are thousands or even millions of laws has been written and yet World Peace is still a dream. Just a “beauty-pageant-must-have-on-Q&A-answer”, in fairness, aside from a greener earth and world poverty, World Peace is still on top of that list.

Boring na ‘no? This should not be like this way, medyo naaliw lang ako.. he he he..

Anyways, if there’s written law, somehow on the world we’re living today there’s also those laws that are “UNWRITTEN”. Those that are generally accepted and understood, even though not formally recorded on scrolls of papyrus. ‘Yon lang talaga ang balak kong tumbukin – The Unwritten Laws. Ano ba ‘tong mga laws na ‘to? Pede rin siguro ‘tong Common Sense Laws. Halimbawa? Ok

Unwritten Laws of Public / Common Restroom

I always have this experience on public restroom. On the cubicle, ‘yon bang when someone new walks in, syempre tahimik ang paligid and you know that someone also needs a cubicle. It is very common to hear that “fake-cough” and “very-obvious-sniffing” and the “husky clearing of throat”. Or else that someone inside the cubicle really have to create some sound just for his presence to be know to the newbie... lagi ko ‘tong ginagawa, ewan ko lang kahit pede ko namang sabihing “Me tao po”…di ko lang rin alam kung meron bang time limit ng paggamit sa mga common restroom or you can simply take your time. Syempre naman, paki-flush at mag-hugas ng kamay pagkatapos.. Kelangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yon?? He he he

Sabi naman ni Genaro, nag-iingay daw ang isang tao sa loob ng cubicle to cover-up the “plop” sound when the “tubol” fell to the water. Having said that, it is also considered an unwritten law inside the cubicle to poop as quite as possible, kumbaga though alam ng mga tao sa labas ang nangyayari sa loob, pero sa sobrang tahimik parang wala lang, para bang naupo ka lang. Excuse siguro dito ‘yong mga me-LBM, kasi the “fffrrrtttt” and farts are beyond pooper’s control na.

Isa pa, sa urinals naman, unlike crossing the street, it is very awkward to take a look left and right when you pee. Though your eyes don’t have any restriction to roam 360° inside the restroom, basta dyahe ‘yon and a big “no-no”. you can look up the ceiling or take a look down, but never south-east and south-west. Simply put “Mind your own thing”…. este “business” pala.

E ‘yong kwentuhan while you pee? Siguro depende kung gaano ba talaga ka-importante ‘yong topic na kailangan pang dalhin sa loob ng palikuran. But still, sa akin lang ha, it should not be encourage. Kasi nawawala ‘yong concentration ko to pee when I’m having a conversation and at the same time nadi-destruct rin ‘yong iba.

Hhmm.. ‘yon lang.. kala mo seryos ‘yong umpisa ‘no, he he he…


Dakilang Islander said...

kala ko naging pastor ka na nauwi pala sa toilet manners ang topic...heheh

raymer said...

syempre at 2am gising pako kasi pangat3 nayt ko pa lang to.1 more to go..kaya nga siguro comfort room din ang tawag kasi you are entitled to do anything possible just to comfort yourself pero hindi to satisfy wentowento kasi diba nun na may mga milagro even in SM stores, kaya mas mainam nga siguro, ilimbag lahat ng panuntunan para sa kaayusan at katiwasayan ng lahat..para sa akin katribu--"tamis" ang verdict.(adobo nation)

Richard the Adventurer said...

Ang ganda namang pag-usapan ng CR...

Hehe :) Very comfortable... :)

me said...

d. islander, he he he.. kala mo lang 'yon...toilet 101 pala..

raymer, at ano naman ang pinagkakapuyatan mo? PDA Season 2? he he he...totoo 'yon sakto talagang comfort room, kasi when you're inside it gives you comfort, and i guess if your looking for other comfort it should be labeled E-CR ("Extra").. he he he...wala pa naman ako naririnig mga wentong SM E-CR pero dito sa Jeddah - boxoffice yan. ano 'yong "tamis"?? 'yon ba 'yong "matamis ya-an.."?

richard, medyo ma-echo lang pala mag-usap sa loob ng CR.. hehehe.

the donG said...

hehehe... kala ko kung saan mapupunta tong usapan. ayos! sa mga babae talagang lugar nila ang mga toilet dahil ang dami nilang napapagusapan doon.

ifoundme said...

dahil sa paggamit ng CR napahaba ang iyong entry of the day. hehehe! ako naman hirap na hirap sa mga public CRs. hindi talaga ako komportable kahit gaano pa kalinis. feeling ko ba parang may sumisilip. heheheh!

me said...

dong, kaya ba sila matagal sa cr dahil sa haba rin ng kwentuhan... tsaka nga wierd sa loob ng cr mag-kwentuhan eh kasi nag-e-echo...

ifm, sa mga public toilet siguro sa mga mall wala namang mga naninilip.. or mga cctv, sa bahay lang ni kuya 'yon.. he he he... kainis rin, most of the time walang tubig o tissue man lang sa mga public toilets!!!